A Message on the Joint Commission Lab Survey 2007
from MGH President Peter L. Slavin, MD

January 31, 2008

Dear colleagues,

I am pleased to share with you the report we received from the Joint Commission detailing the results of our laboratory survey, which occurred in September 2007. During the evaluation, a team of surveyors from the Joint Commission spent six days questioning and reviewing our lab processes, policies and procedures. We received our final report from the Joint Commission in early January 2008.

In the spirit of transparency, we are posting the survey report on our Website to ensure that it is available to all those who are interested in and can learn from the findings. While we are pleased that the hospital's labs remain fully accredited, we also know that there are things we can do to improve the processes, systems and operations in our laboratories. We want to take advantage of all those opportunities to ensure that we are doing everything possible to enhance quality and safety for the patients and families we serve.

Peter L. Slavin, MD

Peter L. Slavin, MD
Massachusetts General Hospital

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