Improvement Stories

Patient Safety Awareness Week: At MGH, It’s the Week that lasts all year…
A lot has happened since Ether! Watch a video of our 2016 Patient Safety Awareness Week forum, and learn about some of the patient safety improvements over the years at MGH.
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Universal Protocol: The right procedure, right patient, right place.
Learn how the MGH uses the Universal Protocol to make surgical and invasive procedures safer.
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Preventing Central Line Infections: Saving Lives and Dollars
Through multidisciplinary teamwork and the use of best practices, MGH is making progress in reducing the number of ICU patients with central line infections.
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Hand Hygiene: Cleaner Hands, Safer Patients
MGH's program to improve hand hygiene in order to decrease the spread of infection in the hospital has strong results.
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Ensuring Equal Healthcare for All: Reducing Disparity at Chelsea Center
Screening initiatives and care management programs at the at the MGH Chelsea Health Care center have significantly reduced, or eliminated, previously identified disparites.
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“Time is Muscle:” Reducing Door to Balloon Time Can Save Lives of Heart Attack Patients
MGH's Emergency and Cardiology Departments team up with Boston EMS and ambulance services to remove blockages from heart attack patients in record time.
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