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About This Site

The purpose of this website is to present the public with useful and credible information that articulates Massachusetts General Hospital’s quality and safety story. Here, you can learn about our improvement programs and review performance scores that quantify progress over time. You can also learn about the experience reported by patients who were recently hospitalized at MGH, and compare their ratings to those of similar hospitals across the country.

Measuring Excellence at MGH

Quality of patient care is multi-dimensional; it encompasses safety, effectiveness, patient-centeredness, timeliness, efficiency, and equity. Therefore, there is no single measure you can use to decide which hospital is best. Instead, you can judge whether a hospital seems to be doing everything it can to deliver the best care possible to its patients – by adopting appropriate technologies; by hiring, training, and retaining great staff; by developing and maintaining state-of-the-art and patient-friendly facilities; and by practicing medicine in a way that consistently delivers the best and safest care possible for each patient.

On this web site, you can see the many ways in which Massachusetts General Hospital demonstrates its commitment to excellence:

Under these headings, you will find several measures that detail the quality and safety that MGH provides. For each component, you can read an explanation of the measure and see how our performance compares to an external benchmark or an internal goal that we have set for ourselves. We strive to achieve universal adherence to the best practices that we have adopted and reduce adverse events to the lowest achievable levels. Additionally, we provide guidance on what patients and their families can do to ensure that they receive safe, high-quality healthcare.

Measuring Improvement at MGH

Finally, we present not just our performance at one point in time – but also our performance over time. We have not yet reached the level of performance that we aspire to achieve on all measures. Our dedicated physicians, nurses, and staff are always looking for ways to do things better – no matter how well we already perform – and scientific findings constantly present new quality and safety targets to aim for. Thus, we are continually evolving and advancing our portfolio. For most of the measures on this site, you can read about what we are doing to improve and see the impact of those changes. Specific improvement stories highlight some of the interventions here at MGH in more detail:


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