Serious Reportable Events

See the complete list of the Serious Reportable Events at MGH for 2018, with descriptions and improvement actions. This posting is in accordance with the Department of Public Health requirements and our own commitment to transparency in healthcare.    Learn more »

Improvement Stories:

Patient Safety Awareness Week: At MGH, It’s the Week that lasts all year…
A lot has happened since Ether! Meet some of the Patient Safety “Stars” who were honored for their commitment to improvement during MGH’s 2019 Patient Safety Awareness Week celebration.
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Performance Reports:
Our Performance, Our Goals and How We Compare

At Massachusetts General Hospital, we track many measures of our institutional performance. We compare our performance to our goal and take steps to improve.

Explore this Web site to see for yourself how we are doing and what we do to ensure that all of our patients receive the highest quality and safest care possible. Read More »

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